a LOT of catching up to do…


So, you’ve made it. 

First, i should probably say thank you and i admire your courage.

I haven’t got the stats on hand about the percentage of people that fear change, but i know they do. So again, i congratulate you…congratulations.

It’s been awhile since i’ve blogged at all, so to blog with a new site is a lot. Let’s get started.


There was one weekend there where I watched Hellboy 2, The Hulk, Wanted and the Dark Knight.

  • Hellboy 2 was fantastic. The different races of characters and cinematography was great. I am very excited to see what Del Toro does with the Hobbit (x2). There is a cue in this movie that has the same progression, nearly the same orchestration as the theme from Lady in the Water. Good for me because i like that cue. I wonder if Danny Elfman was inspired by JNH’s score, or if he wrote his cue in a vacuum?
  • The Hulk was cool. After having seen Iron Man, it was hard for me to watch a marvel movie with a little more depth. I love Iron Man and i thought the Hulk was cool, but i guess i was expecting something different. My bad.
  • Wanted. I loved this movie. Made by the same dude that made Night Watch and Day Watch (highly recommended) this was so entertaining. For me, i became totally impressed when the movie opened with a guy running away from bullets, only to gain more ground in order to jump from one skyscraper to another. It threw me for the biggest loop…and i loved it.
  • The Dark Knight. Amazing. Herr Voggler said:

I would love to have been a fly in the wall on Hans’ studio as he was developing some of those incredible sounds!

I totally agree. For those of you who haven’t seen it, I would say check it out. For those of you who have seen it, I’m sure you would agree that it was quite amazing. My only gripe would be the voice that Bale used for Batman. Not an overly terrible thing, but a detraction to me none the less. The music for the joker was really great. I had always wanted to hear a way that electronic music could be implemented into a film’s score. After seeing (and hearing) this movie, it was done so well.

Most recently i watched The Mummy 3. Pretty good, once my system acclimated to the acting. Also, i should say that it’s too bad Jerry Goldsmith isn’t composing anymore (dead) because i’ve been listening to the first Mummy’s score, and it is gorgeous. If music of that caliber was used in the mummy 3, it would have been better.

Soon i hope to see Tropic Thunder, Star Wars: Clone Wars, and Pineapple Express.

So other stuff i’ve been doing over summer. Nothing. I’ve designed a couple websites for my work, and sailed and went wakeboarding a bit. Went to Florida for a while to visit my brother and bob in the ocean.

I know this is bad, but i haven’t composed at all. It seems as if when i’m working on the railroad, i there is some kind of gravitational void that prevents me from putting pencil to paper, or 1’s and 0’s to some kind of computer storage device. I have come up with a couple ideas, but nothing too serious or set in stone. So so far i have committed to:

  • a percussion solo piece
  • a piece for violin and persian santoor
  • a choral piece for alto and soprano

and as i’ve been coming up with ideas, i thought of a couple ideas for a quartet vocal piece that at some points emulates synth oscillators. Just an idea…but who knows?

as far as other music news goes, I have received my acceptance into the composition major. WOOT WOOT! My professor will be Dr. Bryan Johanson.

Brilliant. I’ve heard a few things and i must say that i would relate closest to him out of the composition faculty at PSU.

Here is a sample of a piece for solo guitar that he composed: Variations on a Finnish Folksong

I am very, very excited to start this term!

  • Composition
  • Theory III – Formal Analysis
  • Percussion Techniques
  • Intro to Conducting
  • Chamber Choir
  • TBD Guitar Techniques
  • TBD Composition Seminar
Oh man, this is going to be awesome! (hopefully i haven’t jinxed it!)

Now, for the reason i have made a blog change.

Only a month old, and already its pwned my life.

Only a month old, and already its pwned my life.

An iPhone. Literally, one of the coolest and most useful/convenient devices i’ve ever owned. It’s already become my phone, iPod, eBook reader, camera, web browser, email checker device, PDA, calender, to-do list, map guide to wherever, alarm clock, meteorologist, accounting tracker, instant messenger, note keeper, metronome, eBay track, flashlight, and now, my portable blogger. 

This thing is awesome. i haven’t yet tested out the mobile blogger aspect of it, but don’t worry. I will. and you will be the first to know about it (depending on whether or not you read the blog post first (your results may vary)).

But yeah…I love the fact that i can have Vaughn Williams, season 2 of Metalocalypse, and every single Star Wars book ever written at my fingertips.

There will be more to come soon. Anything you want to know?


4 responses to “a LOT of catching up to do…

  1. judging by the icons… it would appear that you have already jailbroken your iphone. still haven’t messed with my ipod. maybe someday…


  2. Jailbroken to the max.


  3. Jebus, you have been busy!

    Anyway, the new blog looks great. I guess we can expect this sort of behaviour from you about every 18 months, just to make sure we’re paying attention?

    Anyway, I’m getting ready to issue a challenge to my film music loving/composing friends on my blog. It might be right up your alley.

    Congrats on getting in the comp program, too!

    Herr V.


  4. Erin Mc-Lindquist

    Listened to the Variations… Loved it. Makes me wish that I was back in school getting my second degree in music again/too. So reminiscent of the other part of my brain that I haven’t used often enough in a while. Maybe I should start.


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