Gears of War 2

Has anyone heard of Xbox 360?

If so, you may have also heard of Gears of War. A really fun first person shooter, that can be quite difficult if you’re not a gamer, just like i’m not. My basis for playing games usually depends on whether or not they have co-op gameplay…this one does.

anyway, what i’m getting at is, I was browsing watching the new trailer for Quantum of Solace (awesome!) and i came across this little video about the sound in Gears of War 2:

At 4:20 they talk (superficially) about the new soundtrack by Steve Jablonsky. I’m definitely interested to hear what he will come up with for this soundtrack. Upon looking at his profile on IMDB he hasn’t done anything since Transformers besides some episodes of Desperate Housewives and Command and Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath. Weird, GOW soundtrack isn’t listed.

I haven’t listened to the soundtrack for Gears 1 by Kevin Riepl, so I won’t be able to give you my own superficial and very untrained comparison and speculation.

Bonus: Fans of Futurama will be pleased to know that John Dimaggio (voice of Bender and many others) is one of the voice talents in the game. He does the voice for Marcus Fenix… Awesome.


One response to “Gears of War 2

  1. I think you computer needs a break. So come out east for a while.


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