Getting settled, reality

The second week of school is now finished. I’m coming to realize that even though I have less classes than I did last year, I actually have less time. And I can pinpoint a reason… Composition.

My professor is Bryan Johanson, who is really cool ((I’m not gushing, that’s just been my experience with him so far) and also a hardass. I’m not complaining, because I actually think that it’s a good thing. However, I am going to give you an example:

I met with him the week before classes began to figure out a time we could have our weekly one-hour lessons. In this meeting he asked me what I wrote over the summer; my answer being nothing, as I was to busy working on the railroad (all the live-long day). At this he balked saying that should never be an answer to a question like that. So instead I told h about the ideas I had been thinking about, which include a womens choral piece, a solo percussion piece, and a piece for violin and Persian santoor. He told me that for our first lesson he expected one of those pieces to be completed. *gulp*
Upon our first actual lesson my musical writing was ripped apart… how embarassing. But at least I now have a direction to go, UP!
This will be good for me, having this pressure, but it doesn’t give me the extra curricular time I thought I might have to work on other projects, like the amount of time I would have liked to give to the ‘zombie opera’, or (and I’m sorry to this Herr and the pikey) the star wars cue… Something that I was actually really looking forward to working on. However, I’m not going to stop doing research for that one.

As far as everything else goes, life is pretty good. My classes include:

Theory III – analysis
Chamber choir (we’re singing Beethoven’s mass in c)
Conducting (something that may come in useful one day)
History of rock and roll
Composition lessons

And honorable mention to my film scoring seminar.

In other news, this last weekend I attended my friend Sarah P.’s (now McC.) wedding. It was a fun time where I met some really cool people, and had the economic bailout explained to me in a way that our president, nor anyone else has been able to. The wedding was in Des Moines, so I had to miss a couple days of school. Oh well…

How is everyone elses life? Hopefully no one was too heavily invested in the atoc market. Or you were able to buy some apple stock when it was below 100, if so, good for you!

By the way, I’m composing this post on the plane somewhere over Utah, or Idaho. I can’t really tell, it all looks the same from the air at night… on my iPhone.


2 responses to “Getting settled, reality

  1. Don’t sweat the project man…I haven’t really had time to get to mine either.

    Nothing personal against your teacher, but I hate it when assholes say shit like, “You’re not REALLY a composer unless you’re writing EVERY day”

    F*** YOU man, I’ll compose your ass under the table, just as soon as I get a minute!


  2. Yeah, don’t worry about the project. It’s not like the Pikey was actually going to do it anyway.

    I don’t necessarily know about the manner in which your teacher expressed his position, but I personally try to do something musical every day. Composing, score study, active listening (listening to your iPod on the way to school/work doesn’t count, I said ‘Active’ listening) are fundamentals of my work to advance my own musical skills. And I’m not even in school!

    Anyway, it sounds like you’ve got someone who’ll push and that’s always a good thing.

    Keep us posted.


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