A quick update

I love Christmas vacation.

Basically for me, it’s been a little over two weeks off. I haven’t really been home, so i haven’t really done anything musical except for think about what my projects will be for next term in school. 

For last term i finished three short pieces of a set for women’s choir, a first movement for Violin and Santoor piece, and a percussion solo piece. For next term my plan is to work on the second movement for the violin/santoor piece, a trombone solo, a choral piece for sextet using extended techniques as a main source of material, and maybe a piano piece.

For classes i will be taking:

Theory III (Orchestration)

History of Jazz

Jazz Arranging


Composition Lessons

Excited i am.

Plus then there’s the opera to finish. My friend and i are done, for the most part, with the piano reductions. This next term we are working on the orchestration for the string quartet. Also, we will be finding out our budget and run time after which we can (hopefully) secure a location to have our performances.

More on that soon.

As far as everything else, i will better inform you when i get back home from my winter vacation.


5 responses to “A quick update

  1. It’s good to hear that you haven’t fallen off the planet. Gravity has been a little wonky lately, you know.


  2. Hey, what books are you using for your jazz arranging class?


  3. I actually opted to take the jazz arranging class at a later date in exchange for a couple mickey mouse classes so that i could concentrate more thoroughly on the opera which is only six months from production.


  4. That’s probably a good idea.

    I was just going to suggest a couple things that came in really handy when I did my jazz comp/arranging class.


  5. Well, I have to say it must be great to be going to a school where orchestration is part of the Theory curriculum for the composers. I would’ve given Brad’s left nut to have had a good orchestration class – or ANY orchestration class for that matter.


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