Woah, that took longer than i thought.

To all of my faithful readers who occasion on this page and find a lack of substance. That will all be rectified. Instead of visiting day after day and being denied, you can look forward to a weekly post to fall on every Tuesday.

How can i guarantee this you ask. Well, I’m not going to actually guarantee anything. But, I will have a little more time then i did have before today (for the most part). Today I (think) I finished orchestrating my last aria from “Maelstrom”. Also, i’m pretty sure i don’t have any music left to write for my junior recital.

First the opera.

Maelstrom is currently on schedule and ready for rehearsal. My co-writer Ben and I have recently finished writing the music that will be needed for sining rehearsals. Which means that the music for all of the arias is finished (aside from the little touches that will need to be made along the way). Ben definitely wrote a lion’s share of the project, but he’s a much faster composer than i am, plus (to make excuses) I also had to write music for my junior recital. Anyways, on our little midi cd, we have 13 tracks. Three of the arias were completely my responsibility plus i orchestrated one of his arias. Also, i wrote the prelude, and have yet to write a “battle sequence”.

But with all that, things seem to be moving pretty smoothly. We have a director who has, or is in the process of, filling all of the crews and staff that he will need. We have a music director, and a chamber orchestra (2 violins, 2 cellos, piano) who have said they would be a part of this. And potentially the most important part: we have a facebook event.

Within a month rehearsals begin for everyone, and then the opening date is scheduled for July 10th. It is set to run for 3 weeks with between 8 – 10 performances… that part is still being negotiated. It has and still is a very cool experience.

Now, about school. Today i finished writing music for my junior recital The final piece written was a piano solo titled “Race of the Tortoise and the Hare”. It’s about six minutes long and in a very American way, tells the story of the turtle and rabbit. By American, i mean it’s fucking quick (attention span wise). Maybe in a future post i’ll write about how my music length resembles pop music.

So anyway, for my recital I have written:

  • A percussion solo piece for lots of shit (including bubble wrap and water filled pickling jar)
  • A piano solo
  • A trombone solo
  • A violin and santoor duet
  • A choral piece for 5 to whatever performers

The choral piece i feel i kindof cheated on because its primarily filler. Even though i used it as an opportunity to play with a bunch of different vocal textures. In some places i used a graphical representation of what i wanted, like the included picture below.

one representation for a graphical score.

one representation for a graphical score.

My recital takes place on May 14th. Afterwards, i hope to have at least a recording to show for my efforts. If not that, I plan on videotaping the session… but i would much rather have a recording, mainly because i know how well video camera mics do their job.

So now, my music writing can take a little break and let my analytical side take over. Potentially i can start thinking about my junior recital, but i don’t want to go there yet.

This term for school i’m taking

  • Analytical Techniques – right now my mind is being melted Monday Wednesday and Friday at 8 AM by a little method created by Shenker.
  • Counterpoint – fun, now if i could quit assuming that fourths are perfect
  • Lessons in Composition
  • Chamber Choir

Man, when i write it down like that, it really doesn’t seem like a lot. Almost as if its doable.

With the length of this post, I’m beginning to become distracted by other things. So for now i bid farewell, and apologize for the time since last post. Don’t give up on my yet. As always, if there’s something you want to know about, leave a comment.

One response to “Woah, that took longer than i thought.

  1. It should be a standing rule that no one anywhere has to deal with Schenker. Ever. Failing that, it should never happen before 9 a.m. And even then only after you’ve had your morning coffee, slain the dragon and recovered the Arkenstone.

    I do hope you get a recording of your recital. I would love to hear your stuff. Also, have you asked anyone about the possibility of putting your opera up on Youtube?


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