Evolution of a zombie opera

I think i’ve reached the next evolution of the “making a zombie opera” timeline… the website.

I’ve created the ‘official’ website of “Maelstrom the Zombie Opera”.


There isn’t tons of info to put up there yet, but soon there will be. We’re having the first orchestra rehearsal for the show on Monday (granted that everyone adheres to the schedules they’ve submitted).

For Maelstrom i have one cue (at least) left to write. It is a ‘battle scene’ between the remaining survivors and the zombie horde. Not sure how long to make it, nor how fast, nor how creepy… so i’ll just write something and see what my writing partner thinks. Taking over orchestra rehearsals for the show until we find a conductor. Oh yeah, I’ve also been entrusted with the sound design responsibilities for the show. Nothing crazy… but there are at least 12 cues of sound that need to be made or found and then arranged for easy playback. Thank GOD for samplers!

So that’s what i’ve been up to. I am finished (I think) with the music for my junior recital. It’s all printed up and put in a binding and submitted. Now i just have to make sure it gets performed. Don’t worry, i have my performers. We just have to rock it now is all.

I don’t have a lot to say today… except that i’m recently obsessed with a beatboxer called ‘beardyman’. I suggest checking him out on YouTube… but i will leave a sample of his stuff at the bottom of the post.


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