Zombie Opera… the curse

Okay, last week was a crazy one!

First, our Music Director / Conductor had to leave the show for medical reasons. Then our cello 1 player had to quit the show because of her schedule. After that, our piano player said that she couldn’t play the final performance of the show because of a conflict that came up with her church job. Needless to say that my stress level was (spinal) tapped out at 11.

Solution number 1: Replace cellist. The only person readily available to us has a conflict during the final weekend of performances, but we’re going to keep her because she rocks! Half solved. We are currently seeking a second and a half cellist to play the final weekend.

Solution number 2: find second pianist. We have asked one of our school mates to be this person. He should be giving us our response tomorrow. I’m hoping for a positive response (at least the one that i want)… but nothing’s guaranteed.

Solution number 3: find a conductor / music director. We are searching, searching, searching for the solution to this one. In the meantime, yours truly will be waving his arms like a fool and asking musicians to make a sound that i don’t know how to make. This one’s a toughie.

Anyways, the quintet had our first rehearsal last night. Let me tell you… just hearing music that you’ve written played is soo awesome that it doesn’t matter that i don’t have a good technique (or any technique for that matter) conducting. We went through 3 of the 13 pieces last night and I was pleased with the result. I hadn’t made any assumptions before rehearsal began about how it would go, so when they played and sounded decent for a first run through i couldn’t hide my ear-to-ear smile.

Coming up: more rehearsals for both the opera, and my junior recital, which is in 9 days. Wish me luck.


One response to “Zombie Opera… the curse

  1. (Head pops up out of gopher hole) Did someone say they needed a conductor???


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