zombies that test me

Since the last time I wrote, some more stuff has either come up or been solved.

Looking over Kristine's shoulder

Looking over Kristine's shoulder

The problem of finding an alternate cello I is still unresolved, but we’re working on it. The problem of conductor has been solved by way of the democratic process. The orchestra voted me be conductor (sorry Brad). This will definitely be a great test of my abilities and insomniatic tendencies. The problem of finding a second piano player has been resolved. Our current piano player resolved her own conflict by taking time off of her church gig.

The new problem… our violin 2 came to us and asked if we could find a replacement for her for one of the performances. This caused some extra momentary stress that wouldn’t last long because unlike cellists, there are a plethora of talented violinists at PSU.

I took a couple of pictures of our second rehearsal. if you want to see them go to the zombie opera website.

All of this is definately worth the problems. It is very gratifying to carry around huge 11 x 17″ scores and then listening to the music that you helped create.

Besides the opera I have been staying busy with homework and my junior recital. The big question right now is should i talk about my pieces or just let people read the blurb on the program?

I saw Star Trek over the weekend. I believe that i have found a film that will be my new obsession. I was blown away by almost every aspect of the movie except for one… the black hole. I’m not going to nitpick, because i know what’s going on, and can (at least in my own head) explain away things that aren’t scientifically sound. That being said. I loved the realism, and (hat me if you want to) the lens flares. I thought Giacchino’s score worked well for the movie. It sounds like something i would want to do. My favorite was the cue “Nailin’ the Kelvin” which is the theme for Nero and the Romulan ship. Loved it. It was very heavy handed, but i appreciated it and it helped to create a more popcorn feel. I’m okay with popcorn, especially when the film marries it with some of my favorite special effects (the structures in the distance in Iowa, the HALO jump, the new beaming platform effect) and some really great and unexpected acting (Uhura and Spock in the elevator). I truly hope that JJ is allowed to make more Star Trek films, and I am very excited to see what else he does!

Speaking of JJ, does anyone watch Fringe? That show is so fun and awesome! and word is that Leonard Nimoy is going to be a guest on the show playing a potential villain / person-who-is-good-maybe.

And now for the big finish… my name is now on imdb.com for the score i made for Michael Stromenger’s “1 In 9”. Kick ass!


One response to “zombies that test me

  1. Glad to hear that things are going well. I agree with your assessment of Star Trek. My persoanl favorite cue is “Enterprising Young Men”. It reminds me of the more fun aspects of Star Trek II.


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