The Magical Day approaches

The Maelstrom Vial

Not really magical, but with 16 days left until the zombie opera opens, the butterflies sure are pretty.

I feel good about what’s been done, and I feel like we’re ready (the orchestra… i have no idea what’s going on in the acting rehearsals) and that the performances will go off without too many hitches.

Things seem to be coming along. We have 1 orchestra rehearsal left before tech week begins, and then the show.

Other than that, summer is in full swing now and so far i haven’t got a lot to show for it yet. I did see the land of the lost. It was fun to watch aided by the fact that everything i had heard about it before going was bad. Also, i should probably say this; man, do I love Giacchino’s style. He must have tons of people working in his studio, because this has got to be the third or fourth album with his name on it in the last few months.

Also got the new Transformer’s album by Jablonsky but haven’t yet given it a thorough enough listen to find the all spark theme (maybe that’s because the all spark is gone?) but i have heard bits. Excited to actually see the movie this weekend, and who knows, maybe i’ll go and see Star Trek or something too???

In the interest of not boring you too much, for now adieu.


One response to “The Magical Day approaches

  1. I can’t find the All Spark theme on the album either. Most a pity. I haven’t seen the film yet but I plan to resolve that this afternoon.


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