a day late, 6 hours short of sleep

oh boy have we been busy. By we, i mean the royal we. Not that others haven’t been busy, but I’ve been helping them get things ready for Maelstrom to have it’s universal premiere. We’ve been putting in long hours to rehearse, run tech, build sets, all that good, happy rehearsal stuff.

Although the hours have been really crazy, the process has been so unbelievably joyful. Everyone involved has been so generous with their time, especially since the entire cast and crew are volunteer. Not only that, but they have all helped contribute into putting together a pretty amazing show (obviously there is some bias involved with that statement, but I feel like it’s completely 100% true).

Alright, now that i’m done gushing, lets get to the meat.

Our free preview/last dress rehearsal is only about 30 hours away as i write this. I’m a little nervous because its the first time i’m conducting, but i feel good about the musicians, so i’m only really fearing fear… maybe.

I was interviewed by a writer for one of Portland’s art/music papers; the Portland Mercury. If you want, you can check it out here.

And honestly, besides the show, i really haven’t had a lot of time to do other things like listen to, or write music. I haven’t watched any tv or movies for a few days. Come this weekend that will all change. We open on Friday with another show on Saturday, then i get  some days off. This is awesome because i have a couple of friends driving out from Minnesota to see the show and then hang out for a couple days. During this time we are going to see MOON, yay! We’ll also do some of that touristy Portland stuff like go hiking and have some VooDoo doughnuts.

As far as that goes, I wish you all good luck until next week!


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