A great opening weekend

What an awesome weekend. First of all, Maelstrom got a great review (in my opinion) from the Willamette Week.

Second of all, KGW’s Live @ 7 TV show aired a short spot about the show.

Thirdly, the shows went really well and were received well.

Fourthly, my friends Jef and Trevour from Minnesota drove out to see the show and spend a few days kicking it in Portland. This of course led to many more things happening that were really fun. For instance, July 11th was free slurpee day at 7-11. We had 6.

Slurpees Unite

I tried the hotcake house for the first time, and I am quite blown away by their food. It was that good. I had a pancake, and i want more. Trevour had a gyro omelet and it was so frakkin good.

Hot Cake House

We shared a dozen VooDoo donuts.

VooDoo donuts

We went to the coast to see Haystack (Goonie) Rock. Trevour left, Jef right.

Trevour & Jef at Haystack Rock

I got a speeding ticket.

Reed's speeding ticket

We had cheese and ice cream at the Tillamook cheese factory. Awesome!

Tillamook Cheese. It's free!

We also had a great time taking pictures of the ghosts that inhabit my house.

Ghost plays piano

All of this, and still we had time to see the movie Moon. I liked it. I won’t write about it though because my feelings may act as a form of spoiler, and we don’t want that… do we?

So now weekend number 2 begins for the show. My parents and brother are coming, along with my great uncle and aunt from Toronto Canada, eh. Another busy weekend full of fun times and stuff (also likely is over eating).

So until next week, have yourself a merry little christmas.


5 responses to “A great opening weekend

  1. Reedo – How I’d love to see your opera! Do you think it will ever play the Empire or maybe Fire Hall? Congrats on your success! Have fun with your family.

    We’re off to Glacier for a family reunion next week. S&J will be flying in. There should be about 30 of us. It should be VERY fun.

    Please give your cute wife a hug from me.
    Tally Ho Ho for now.


  2. Mike Stromenger

    Glad to hear things went well! I saw Moon as well and really enjoyed it. Sam Rockwell put in a phenomenal performance.


  3. Congrats on the show!

    And I’m totally jealous about the VooDoo Donuts. One day…


  4. Oh, I totally missed this post! Awesome collection of pictures. A trip that will live in infamy!!

    Did you get the last batch yet? The ones where Jef is giving you the ol’ fashioned curb stomp? If not, time for some uploading.


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