My, how time flies

Another weekend down, and three more shows under my belt Something that is really cool… the musicians keep getting better. The shows are fun, especially when the house is packed, which happened on both Friday and Saturday. Thursday was only about 2/3 full, but still kick ass. I have started to record the shows with my cd recorder, but the quality isn’t what i’d like it to be yet. I’m trying to find the sweet spot where the audience isn’t louder than those on stage. I’ll keep trying and hopefully will figure something out. Another thing, we are videotaping the show. So not long after it closes, I should have something together for public release. Three shows to go, including closing night, which should be quite awesome.

In other news, I’ve been entertaining quite a bit. A lot of friends and family have come visiting to see the show. Today i will begin the entertaining of the in-laws. Then next week a sort of vacation from Oregon. I will be spending a couple weeks in North Dakota/Minnesota to celebrate my Mum’s birthday.

Now, a decision to be made. Should i go to school full time this next year? I technically only have 11 credits left to take, which roughly means 3-4 credits per term… but should i take more classes? I’m sure that there are some things musical i haven’t yet learned about, right? Either way, I am looking forward to another year under Bryan Johanson’s tutelage! Maybe he can help me make something of myself, beyond what i can make of myself, HA!

Speaking of such, i have recently begun composing one of my song sets. I was inspired after having read Sonnet – Silence by Edgar Allen Poe. I am currently searching for two more sonnets on the subject of silence to finish out the set. I thought it would be a cool idea to have a set based on subject matter, versus having it all be from one poet. Other pieces i’m working on for inclusion in my senior recital, a sonata for clarinet and marimba, and… that’s it, i don’t know what else to write yet.

Movies i’ve seen lately? Not anything in the theater since Moon, but i did watch Choke yesterday. A totally awesome and sad movie. I hope to see Angels & Demons in my local cheap theater. And not too much longer until i get to go and watch District 9! Woo hoo!

In other movie news it looks as if Blizzard has chose to create a Warcraft movie with Sam Raimi at its helm. All i can say is that i wonder which part Bruce Campbell will play? Hopefully a great one! The score i think will call for some above average bombast to match the subject matter. Who ever writes it, they have an opportunity to create a new world. I think Danny Elfman would do a really good job. The reason: because i know he can create a sonic world for many different things, whether its for a superhero (Batman, Spiderman), an anti-hero (Hellboy, Wanted), a robot (Terminator Salvation), a dead person(Edward Scissorhands, Corpse Bride), or whatever, I would trust him. His style would be the right combination of funny and serious that i think might match the material.

While i’m on the subject of scores and soundtracks. I recently got the score for Crank 2: High Voltage by Mike Patton. I haven’t seen the film yet (I want to though, soooo bad!) but this music is exactly what i think belongs. I’ve heard so many good things about how this movie is so fun, and the world it exists in is crazy, just like a video game. I believe that Patton has most likely hit the nail directly on the head because the score puts me in the shoes of what Chelios is experiencing… at least if this film is anything similar to the first one. BTW, Chelios’ ringtone from the first film is also my ringtone. It’s awesome.

Another soundtrack that is awesome but i’ve only recently been into it is the soundtrack from Shaun of the Dead. I know that the movie mostly contained needle drops, but the way that they assembled them for the cd is quite magical. They are pretty seamless especially when you count in the sound bites from the film. A great listen that combines some original synth work and some awesome brit rock.

So coming up, The end of the beginning of Maelstrom the Zombie Opera. A trip to North Dakota. Watching District 9 (and hopefully Harry Potter VI soon). Getting closer to finishing a song set for composition classes. And last but certainly not least, watching Battlestar Galactica from the very beginning to the very end. i haven’t yet seen the final season, so this is going to be awesome!


One response to “My, how time flies

  1. Mike Stromenger

    The last season of Battlestar kicked ass…hope you enjoy it!


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