I’m Back

Postings have been sparse recently. Why? Because i’ve been in the far reaches of North Dakota and navigating the fjords of Minnesota. But now I’m back and flying at a million miles an hour because of everything that i have to get done. Before i get into that, lets go through a little slideshow.

Downtown Minneapolis

here is downtown Minneapolis on my way to Grand Forks, ND. While in NoDak i had to eat some of my favorite foods in that town. Here they are:

Some of my favorite food places, starting with The Phoenix which fittingly enough is the rebirth of the old Shang-ri La. Next we have Kegs, some of the greatest sloppy joes, onion rings, and Cherry-Lime Cokes you’ll ever have. Following this you have the Red Pepper turkey taco-meat grinder with extra white sauce (joke all you want, but it’s more addictive than without.) Finally you have Rhombus guys pizza. I’d never had it before, but it was so good that i had it twice in my two weeks in GF, and also, it was the first time that i had ever enjoyed pineapple on my pizza… I hate it otherwise.

Even though a majority of my time was spent eating, it wasn’t the only thing i had time for. I also went to see G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. The film was better than i had assumed it would be, which is good, because i enjoyed it. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the score yet, but it seemed good in the film (for the most part. I sometimes still have an aversion to certain electronics blended with acoustic orchestra.)

District 9

I also was able to see the film District 9. I liked it. I liked it a lot.  It’s really great to see the reviews this film got. There were a couple instances in the movie where i couldn’t stop thinking about  The Blair Witch Project because the cinematography was very similar, but after i got over that the story was so compelling and quite fresh. The visuals were very stunning and quite magical (but really, what do you expect when you’re dealing with WETA Digital?) It was very nice to have actors who i didn’t know, and actually i think it made the movie even better in my humble opinion. The music is really kick ass. Not a lot of really memorable themes or anything like that, but the style is so complementary to the movies’ scope. I definately recommend buying it, I know i did ($7.99 from iTunes so cheap even… must be the exchange rate?)

The score was composed by Clinton Shorter. It’s not very long, but it definitely does its job. Right away he opens strong and honestly, he surprised me. One of the first sounds is an ethnic vocal line that threw me for a loop right away, but after i took a second and thought, “okay this movie is based in South Africa, so this sound could exist there” i accepted it. I don’t know what i was expecting, but it wasn’t quite that. When Clinton wants the action pumped he does that in his music, and when he wants moments of soft and clarity, he does that as well… and really well! A couple paragraphs ago i mentioned how i wasn’t too privy on the application of synths/electronics in certain scores… in this score it is magical! It’s funny because i like this score like i like the score for Halo Wars by Stephen Rippy, which is kindof funny because Blomkamp used to be the director for the Halo movie (now its Spielberg, and I’m okay with that.) Anyways, if i had to compare this with other composers still writing i would liken it to a combination of Eric Serra, and John Powell. A very lovely piece of film score! (Now to get to all those others on my backburner!)

Now that I’m back home I am getting the Maelstrom recordings into the computer to edit them together and put out a little dvd for your enjoyment. Also a soundtrack. Unfortunately for myself and Ben, we weren’t able to schedule an actual recording because of time constraints and money (lack thereof), so the recordings i have to work with were either recorded with my Marantz Pro Recorder with a Rode NT4 mic, or the house mics in the theater. The recordings won’t be bad, but they won’t be miraculous either… although i must say that its quite fitting for such a gorilla style show! It’ll be nice to get it done either way, then we can use it as material to potentially springboard future projects and hopefully grow this one.

Speaking of future projects, currently in the infancy stages of another Michael Stromenger Production… more on that as it progresses. Also, putting together a resume and reel for a project that i would absolutely love to get. I’m not going to write any more about it than that for now because i hate tempting fate.

In other news… prepping myself for school and that’s about it. These other things are enough for right now i think.


3 responses to “I’m Back

  1. Mike Stromenger

    Glad to hear you had a good trip! I miss GF a lot, actually (and I only live an hour away). Hey, we use Marantz PD660’s at school for audio recording for the film shoots. They’re pretty nice. And speaking of my project, I should quit dinking around on the internet and write some more!


  2. Awesome you got back home for a bit. I haven’t seen District 9 yet (too booked), but you had to go and get me all excited about it now!!

    And hey, if you’re in the process of doing a Maelstrom DVD thing, want any sort of accompanied artwork? It would give me a great excuse to actually finish that poster!


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