Slacking is not in my vocabulary

…At least not at the top of it.

Today is a wonderful day. A wednesday. This morning I watched Crank 2, and it is crazy. Crazy good. It is action packed in a very A.D.D. style. Very fun and easy to watch. A lot of nudity, but is that so bad? Conceptually awesome, with a godzilla-esque fight thrown in for good measure. That’s what I did today, here’s what I’ve been up to recently.

Recently my sister/brother-in-law and my nephew visited Ruth and I here in Portland. It was really fun, and allowed us to do lots of fun things including going to the coast and eating lots of really good food (of which i now have to lose by way of dieting/exercise). Now they’ve gone home and I’m by myself again for the majority of my day.

Last week, my friend Ben and I, submitted a reel/portfolio to be considered for a project being offered by Opera Theater Oregon. The project: score the 1961 film ‘Ericole Contro I Vampiri’ or Hercules vs. the Vampires and turn the dialogue into operatic music. We aren’t sure how many composers submitted for consideration, but as soon as we find out one way or another i will post the sample video we scored up here. We will know “on or around Sept. 14th” so keep your fingers crossed.

Now, Ruth and I are halfway through Battlestar Galactica season 2 in our “lets watch the complete series” marathon. We still haven’t seen season 4, but we’re getting there.

In other news, until the 14th I hope to get a little composing done, also, I would love to finish subtitling Maelstrom to get that puppy put to bed (for now). Other than that, not too much happening. Anything you care to know about?


One response to “Slacking is not in my vocabulary

  1. Loved the 4th season of Galactica. Thanks for getting me into that show!


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