Sharpen Your Pencils…

…and fire up your sequencers. An opportunity to dust off your computers (and your brains) and compose about 2 minutes worth of music.

Here’s the contest:

Filmusik is a group that creates original collaborative performances to film.  In our 2009 project Gamera vs. Guiron a new score is performed live in the pit for the 1969 Kaiju Film: Gamera tai Daiakaijū Giron (roughly translated as Gamera vs. Devil Monster Guiron).

We figured why let our composers have all the fun.  We’ve created 2 clips of the film with the soundtrack removed like we use for the live performances, anyone can create music for them and they will be posted here for everyone to enjoy.  Death-metal? Acappella? Bluegrass? It’s all fair game, however you envision this monster music to be.

The Winner Gets:

  • 2 tickets to the upcoming shows
  • $50 cash prize
  • Their score included as an extra on the Filmusik: Gamera vs. Guiron DVD.
  • Copy of the Filmusik: Gamera vs. Guiron DVD released in November 2009.

The complete rules for entry and submission are here.

Specifically I am posting this for my blog network of fellow composers (Herr, Pikey, Bard) as a chance for us all to do something where we can hear each others’ work as per this assignment.

Filmusik is the same group that has teamed with Opera Theater Oregon for the Hercules film. The announcement for that projects composer hasn’t yet been announced (at least not to me or Ben, my writing partner) so I won’t be posting our submission yet. Hopefully soon we’ll find out one way or another. Until that time, I have to start thinking of music for school. Still working on finishing my EA Poe song.


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