I am not Hercules

It’s official. Ben and I got our “thanks, but no thanks” email informing us that we didn’t get the Hercules gig. Obviously we wanted it, but now that we don’t have it, I can actually commit to school again. If we had gotten it, I was considering taking a fall term sabbatical to write the score. So I am not sad.

The person who did get the gig is Patrick Morganelli who has worked with Christopher Young (Spiderman 3), and an assistant orchestrator for Michael Giacchino on an episode of lost (I presume from his time in USC’s film scoring program (goddammit I’m jealous)). Anyways, someone I can stomach losing a job to.

Now that it’s official I wanted to present the clips that Ben and I scored for consideration.

Our orchestration was for

  • Flute
  • Bb Clarinet
  • Horn
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Percussion
  • Piano
  • String Quintet

The official sample clip provided from OTO was the clip that follows. I used Logic with EastWest Platinum Samples, with live singing by Claire Craig-Sheets and Bryan Coover.

Ben and I also made the decision to take a second clip from the movie and score that as well (hoping that it would show our ‘depth’ maybe, but also the fact that because we were submitting as a team, we would have no problem meeting the deadline. Ben also used Logic and EastWest Gold samples. The soloists are Claire again, with an on screen debut of my own voice (we couldn’t find another tenor on short notice).

So that’s that then. Moving on. What do you all think of the OTO Gamera vs. Guiron challenge? I am definitely going to do it. I have an email out right now to filmusik for the absolute deadline for submission, so anyone interested, I’ll keep you apprised.

In other music news, Maelstrom the Zombie Opera DVD‘s have gone on sale. I’ve also finished putting together a CD of the July 23rd performance, I’m just waiting for Apple to approve my application for digital distribution, which I don’t know whether or not it will happen… you know, because I’m such a small fry. Not sure yet if we are going to sell hard copies; I like the idea, but digital distribution just seems so much more sexy. And who knows… maybe one day the soundtrack for 1 In 9 will show up on iTunes too.

In relation to all of this, we submitted Maelstrom digitally to the library of Congress to gain copyright. (Thanks Ben’s mom!) Very exciting.

So that’s what’s up right now. Very excited to start the new season of Fringe, and check out Community. First things first though, 9 episodes left of BSG.

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