Star Wars, In Concert!

Star Wars (complete with stage malfunction)

This is what I did on Wednesday. The Star Wars: In Concert traveled to Portland, and it… was… frakkin’… awesome! Obviously its hard to top a concert that includes music that is brilliant and inspiring. This was made even better by the fact that there were collages of film to accompany the music.

All narrated by Anthony Daniels, the show was in two acts with an intermission. And because we were a happy audience, we received an encore.

It is hard to remember all of the cues played, but i think that’s mainly because they were all conglomerated into sections to follow the story line from beginning to end. Everything was wonderful, but these are the cues i can remember:

  • Anakin’s Theme – this was extended further at the end of the cue to really draw out the imperial march (or Darth Vader) theme.
  • Flag Parade – This theme was also amended with some very cool string variations of the motifs.
  • Dual of the Fates – Totally awesome and powerful. If I remember correctly, this cue was also attached to the Battle of the Heroes cue. Which, at the point when there was footage of them doing battle on the lava planet, fireballs were emitted from the stage to annunciate the large hits. I must say that this music wouldn’t have been the same without the choir killing it too!
  • Droids
  • Love Theme – Anakin and Padmé
  • Rise of the Empire – This included the “Imperial March” in its entirety.
  • Jedi Theme
  • Leia’s Theme
  • Cantina – complete with the cantina band’s song.
  • Astroid Field
  • Throne Room

Those are what I can remember. I feel like there was one or two more, but I can’t recall. Of course the finale was “The Throne Room”, but the encore was the “Imperial March” which was so badass, and at that point everyone was so hyped up that it was more like a rock concert. At one point during the encore, the flute duet (played by female flautists) was up on the big screen, and some audience members were cheering and cat calling, which actually made one of the players smile embarrassed while blushing. It was a weird and funny moment that i guess i never thought i would witness at a classical music concert.

This concert definitely instilled in me (once again) my absolute love of things musical and epic in nature. I think that by coming back to music, I’m once again on the right track!

The following is a short clip that i took (perhaps as proof to myself). I didn’t want to keep my camera out to long (for fear of “the man” taking my phone away, also) so that I could pay attention to what was happening.


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