It's Raining in Portland

Wednesday. Humpday.

Trying to finish up the fourth movement of my sonata for Marimba and Clarinet. Not so fast… I haven’t written four movements, I only started with the fourth. But I feel a little under the gun because I have a goal to complete the entire sonata by the time Winter term begins in January.

I’m also getting ready to upload my score for Gameron vs. Guiron to I’d be interested to know if my friends (Herr, Mikey, etc…) are also submitting anything so that i can keep a weather eye out. After that, not a whole lot on the horizon in terms of scoring… at least nothing i can speak of yet.

I am submitting for consideration to score a piece for PSU’s New Music Ensemble. They only accept four people from those who submit, and out of those four, only one gets played on their spring concert, so that should be interesting.

Speaking of things musical, the OR symphony is doing a concert next weekend that consists of music from video games. and then a few weeks later they’re doing their film music concert. I am very excited to see one or both of these, and hope that i can get some tickets with my student ID.

In other news, Apple released a whole bunch of stuff yesterday including new mac minis, imacs, and some other stuff. I can’t wait to get the new mac mini server. I see a lot of potential for collaboration on projects, like the next Larson/Reimer opera. Who knows? I sure don’t. Also, I can’t wait to try out the new “magic mouse”. It looks very interesting, and hopefully as great as the “mighty mouse” except without that stupid gunk magnet of a scroll-ball. But still, no mac purchases until the Mac Pro is updated.


3 responses to “It's Raining in Portland

  1. Unfortunately I’ve been too busy to even try to do some work on the contest. Though it’s something that might be fun to get to for my own enjoyment.


  2. Ummm…yeah, what he said. Enjoy the sonata, I had a blast writing mine – now, to get a real person to actually play it…


  3. I understand. You guys have mini-humans that need attention.


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