Classic Japanese Monster ate my homework

So I finally submitted my music for the “Monster Music Contest” hosted by It hasn’t yet been posted on their site, but I have received confirmation that it has been received.

However, I have posted it to my youtube account so that I could put it up here. For your viewing pleasure:

Feedback, thoughts, questions, hate/flame? Give it, I have semi-thick skin.

Speaking of thick skin, I stabbed my thumb this last weekend while carving my pumpkin. It’s okay, no need to worry, except for the fact that my pumpkin now has the taste for blood.

Not too much else right now, but I did finish the 2nd rough draft of my sonata’s 4th movement, now only 15 more minutes to start and finish by Dec. 7th (damn that’s scary).


One response to “Classic Japanese Monster ate my homework

  1. Hey, that was some awesome backmasking instrumentation type stuff in there. I also enjoyed your choices in percussion in the little finale leading up to the end. Also, that film was hilarious. I think you set the mood right.


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