Zimmer: the Super Walmart of media music

A new article in USA Today’s Game Hunter section talks about Hans breaking into the game music market.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it kindof legitimizes game music. Others have done the reverse (ie. Giacchino, Gregson-Williams (of the Harry variety)) by scoring games and then moving up to movies.

So what’s my problem? Well, not a lot really, except that in the future everyone will go to Hans Zimmer for their movies/games/TV/corporate video/commercial music needs. Not the man Hans Zimmer, but the superstore called Hans Zimmer. Complete with door greeters and everyone working fully part time so that the corporation doesn’t have to buy its employee’s healthcare.

The funny thing is, I have grandparents who swear to their motto “only buy ‘Made in the USA'” and they do most of their shopping at WalMart. I’m pretty sure that a good portion of the merchandise is not made in the USA. I’m not going to tell them though, I like them happy, and I would like to avoid any arguments we may have on the subject.

So WalMart is not unlike Hans Zimmer the music store, or the man. Someone contracts HZ to write music, but you never really know who helped to ghostwrite it. The future only bodes more of the same, except instead of making reels with samples of music that I think a potential commercial client would want to see, I have to make a reel that i think HZ would want to see, all for a job in a special HZ cubicle  replete with a database of popular cues and chord progressions.

With all of that, I don’t want you to misunderstand me… one of my goals is to start as that door greeter and work my way up… but dammit, can I do it without moving to Los Angeles?!

In other news, the wife and I are going the tonight’s showing of  Gamera Vs. Guiron at the Hollywood Theater in Portland. This is where I will learn who amongst three has won the scene scoring competition. Weird way to do it, only because a portion of the bounty/reward is two free tickets to a showing of GvG, but in order to learn if you’ve won the tickets to see the show, you have to buy the tickets to see the show. Oh well, supporting local art and whatnot… I’m for that.

New countdown: 13 days until Star Trek is released on Blu Ray and DVD. Yay!


2 responses to “Zimmer: the Super Walmart of media music

  1. So…how’d the Gamera thing go?!


  2. I’ve got so much to say on this subject and I don’t want to hijack your blog so I’ll have some thoughts on my blog up soon.


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