A Christmas Gift

For Christmas, my good friend gave me the full score for Boris Godunov. I am so very excited about this. I think it’s because I love the darkness of the music/orchestration, and the subject matter.

I mean, look at this thing. It’s think, and heavy, clocking in at an amazing 773 pages (which includes 2 scenes in the appendices). This is the Rimsky-Korsakov version that is no longer in print, which I’m pretty sure is the only one that is performed. The exciting part of this is that now I get to get a recording of the Rimsky-Korsakov music because I only have a recording of the Mussorgsky version.

Speaking of music, I’m now 2:30 deep in my chamber orchestra piece. I have my theme which I’m not necessarily developing as much as passing it from color to color a la mvmt. 2 from Sibelius’ 3rd symphony. And also, as far as music I’m listening to for inspiration:

  • Mvmt. 2 – 3rd symphony — Sibelius
  • 5th symphony — Shostokovich
  • Mvmt. 2 – piano trio 2 — Schubert
  • Mvmt. 1 – 1st symphony — Sibelius

I love this assignment, because it’s really forcing me to do more music study. I do it from time to time, but never as intensely or frequently as i’d like to.

Not much in the way of other news, so until next time.


One response to “A Christmas Gift

  1. I actually prefer the original Mussorgsky version. I prefer its rawness to Rimsky-Korsakov’s more polished version.

    If you want a good side-by-side recording, Valery Giergev and the Kirov Theater Orchestra and Chorus have recorded both versions available in one box for about $50 (which is pretty much a steal).


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