BluRay is awesome

So I finally broke down a couple weeks ago and purchased a blu ray player.

To soften the blow, the first film I got was Harry Potter VI (because really, how mad can Ruth be if the first movie for it is Harry Potter?). The next film I got was District 9, which looks beautiful in 1080P!

Today in the mail was my most recent Amazon purchase, Star Trek. I look forward to watching the special feature with Giacchino and his score. Needless to say, this is going to be a short post. I can’t wait to get some more. It’s an addiction.

In more relevant technology news, I can’t wait to see what apple announces tomorrow. If it’s a tablet, I can’t wait to read my Wired subscription, and some comics on it. Beyond that, I wonder what other uses I’ll get out of it?


4 responses to “BluRay is awesome

  1. After having watched the score special feature, I can say that if you don’t watch it, you won’t be missing much.
    It’s pretty superficial and covers the reason why they didn’t use the original star trek theme until the end of the film.
    Giacchino also says they wanted to have something interesting for Spock, so they used an Erhu.

    However, the special feature for Ben Burtt does the sound, is awesome! He talks about sounds in the history of the show. He also shows techniques oh how he achieved some of the sounds he created. It was interesting.


  2. Score features on DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s are never as good or as in-depth as you want them to be. I’ve watched both District 9 and Star Trek on our Blu-Ray player…gorgeous! You really need to watch Up as well. I’m currently working my way through season 5 of Lost on it.


  3. Mike, I’m a little skeptical about animation being better in HD. Are you here to tell me that it is in fact even more marvelous?


  4. Nerd alert. Haha. Reedus…


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