Thoughts on the iPad

I dream of a day when we as a xenophobic people are preparing ourselves for a galactic war by sending our children to a training facility in space to play war games that may or may not be real. How best for them to keep all of their information and video mind/war games in one spot that is portable and easy to use than a tablet computer, or as it will be known, a “desk”? Damn that Orson Scott Card… he is one fine prognosticator!

Yesterday, Apple released the iPad, which I’m sure everyone one pretty much knows about now, I mean… hell, even the Nightly News with Brian Williams had a spot on it.

First things first… I won’t be getting one soon. Not because they aren’t even coming out until March, but because they don’t have the functionality necessary for me to want to shell out 500+ dollars. The list of functionality I think this device should include (and which is not limited to):

  • multitasking
  • a camera
  • the ability to run applications more advanced than iPhone applications
  • more eBook, eZine, and newspaper content
  • cloud based iTunes

These things seem necessary for me to replace a laptop in my bag (which I usually don’t bring along because it’s a little too heavy) for these reasons. Multitasking I would love to have so that whilist I’m updating a wiki on the go, I’d like to be able to research the subject matter simultaneously without having to close the wiki.

I’d love to have a camera, more preferably on the screen side so that I could video chat wherever the hell I am. I read somewhere that there may potentially be a bluetooth, or peripheral camera we could plug into the iPad… but really, I’d like to avoid carrying as many peripherals as possible. Some people want a camera on the back to take pictures to which I say, “meh.” I’d rather have the ability to video chat than to take video of the shenanigans my friends are getting into, which I can do with my iPhone anyway.

As for applications, I love that Apple is coming out with iWork apps, but I want more, full-featured apps. I don’t care if Apple maintains the iPhone UI on the iPad, but at least let me put some other applications on it that aren’t proprietary, namely Finale (a music composition application). Also, I feel like apple will release iLife for this device, which includes garageband. If that’s the case, let me put Logic on it. I don’t care if it’ll run the battery down, I want the functionality for whatever reason… maybe I want to adjust the volume automation on my audio… let me do it. I hold out small hope for this, though, because that would mean Apple would have to open up this device. Out of all my wishes, this one is probably the closest to a pipe dream.

I want more eBooks, eMagazines, and dammit, I wanna read the Oregonian on my iPad. Also, I can see this as a wonderful platform to read graphic novels in all their color glory. 9.7″ is about the size of a comic anyway. I know that some of the complaints about reading material on an LED screen is eyestrain, I haven’t had that experience myself, and I’ve read quite a few books on my iPhone (a much smaller screen). Also, I like the idea of reading my subscriptions like Wired, or Men’s Journal in full interactive love. Having textbooks on this device would be so awesome. Can you imagine carrying around a backpack with your 3-6 textbooks and having it only weigh less than 2 pounds? Give me three.

Cloud based iTunes. In some blogs recently their has been a lot of conjecture that the reason Apple purchased LaLa is so that they can allow people to access their mp3’s m4a’s through the internets. I love this for the simple reason that I wouldn’t be limited to what I can carry in the onboard storage. I doubt apple will allow a ridiculous amount of space online, probably not more than 20-30 GB (my library is currently 95.46 GB only counting music). However, whatever they allow us would be awesome, especially since we could ideally access this music anywhere.

Now, as far as the name is concerned, iPad, I don’t care that it conjures images of maxipads or feminine hygeine products, because in a year, no one will care (or should care). Sure, there will be some who will cling to that point to their death, but that’s their burden to bear. If the iPad works, and if it’s awesome, who cares? Besides that, I like the name. It completely fits their “i” strategy, and honestly this thing, like the iPod is exactly that… It’s an iPad.

So for now, I will wait until Apple makes a couple advancements, but… I will eventually get one, if for no other reason than to be like Ender and send you all messages from “God”. Also, I look forward to the iAnsible.


2 responses to “Thoughts on the iPad

  1. You had me at Enders Game… 😛 (if I make it to A-List director status, that is one film I will kill myself trying to get made).

    Gonna wait until Apple comes out with iPad 2.0… see if they can improve on that multi-tasking thing (a big sticking point with me).


  2. Here’s a pretty cool article on different uses the iPad could serve to film musicians.


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