A conundrum of somewhat less than epic proportions… should I move?

The end of my schooling is coming up fast… June. After which time I have to find a job, er… you know, find a job if I don’t want to just sit around at home (which actually sounds awesome). But my spending habits are such that I should have a job, how else am I supposed to buy my bus tickets and cheesy snacks?

So I’ve been trying to figure out what I’m going to do for a job. There isn’t really a lot out there for music media composers. Well, there is, but to get those jobs I imagine is fairly to very difficult.

Honestly, I think this job could be done from anywhere in two instances:

  1. I could write music for anyone and do it through the internet without having ever met them.
  2. Even though I could do it anywhere, I should be in a location where the market allows for me to make contacts.

Taking the first point into account, I could live anywhere and do this, for instance we could move back to North Dakota, or stay in Portland. If this were the case I think I’d stay in Portland for access to the plethora of musicians who I would most likely have to record at different points for whatever job I was working on.

As for the second point, I should be in a location where the industry is much larger. In North America these locations would be L.A., N.Y., Seattle, Vancouver, and maaayyyybeee Portland (wow, this isn’t slanted at all is it?).

In talking with Ruth, Los Angeles and New York are out. Which leaves me with Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. So here is my question for you:

Should I move?

Seattle has a larger market than Portland because of all the video game studios, and Vancouver is the third largest media market after L.A., and N.Y. because of all the Television and Movies filmed here. But moving to Vancouver would require either getting a work visa (not easy) or becoming a Canadian citizen (also not easy). So I have added a poll for you to vote in. So what do you think?


12 responses to “A conundrum of somewhat less than epic proportions… should I move?

  1. Moving to Vancouver would indeed set up some tricky citizenship/working situations. Seattle is a bigger market (and you would have access to a broader selection of musicians, possibly). However, if you’ve made connections and have a viable network in Portland, it would be easier to stay put and work with that. I dunno. I voted for Seattle cause it’s where I’d like to live…lol.


  2. My vote is for Minneapolis. Become the next Adam Young. I say this because I know you could do it, oh, and also because I’m selfish 🙂


  3. Ah, yes, the old “I’m-going-to-let-some-people-I-know-and-a-handful-of-complete-strangers-decide-my-fate” ploy.


  4. Its my favorite thing to do. That way, I don’t have to take any responsibility whatsoever.


  5. Perhaps you should also consult the I Ching. It worked for John Cage.


  6. oooo. i didn’t think of that. I should probably get my palms read soon.


  7. If you go up to Seattle I can hook you up with my uncle-in law. He is a composer for commercial and jingle works. He works completely out of his home studio and does REALLY well for himself. At the very least he can answer questions and tell you how to do it in Seattle. But…. I like you being in Portland. It somehow makes the day sunnier!


  8. Perhaps Seattle is close enough to Portland that most of your clients could be in Seattle but you could still live in Portland. Then you could stay in your awesome house that you just bought.


  9. More and more movies and television shows are being made here in Portland. With the crazy taxes that plague NY and or LA I see even more filming in Portland. Also moving is a bitch.


  10. Moving is a bitch, plus PDX is a great cultural hub, especially in the media music market. There are tons of musicians and contacts to be made here, and no sales tax!

    Also, I would cry and cry and cry if you left, and curse the city that got the privilege of your presence.


  11. I’m thinking about grad school in Vancouver BC, but not until after 1 year of post-bachelor’s degreeness.

    So, you should stay in Portland, but if your needs outweigh staying around here, then you should move to Vancouver BC and we can be buds up there too, one day.


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