The scores I look forward to

Avatar the Last Airbender by James Newton Howard

A lot of people dislike the direction that Shyamalan went after the sixth sense. But no matter how you feel about his movies, the music has always been very special. Whether it’s the minimalist motive from Signs, or the beautiful melody from Lady in the Water, James Newton Howard’s music doesn’t disappoint (me). I look forward to seeing Avatar the Last Airbender, and even more to the score which is hasn’t been announced yet, but I assume will be released around the same week the film is released in theaters this summer.

Alice in Wonderland by Danny Elfman

Classic Elfman/Burton music. Even though Elfman’s recent scores have thrown me for a loop (basically because I assume too much) this score i think will fit right into the paradigm I’m used to. This is being released today for 9.49 (on sale for 7.99) on Amazon mp3.

Green Zone by John Powell

I’ve been waiting awhile for a score from Powell that wasn’t for an animated movie (not that those are bad). I’m excited to hear it. Set for release on March 9th.


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