Winter term completed

Winter term is now completed. 11 terms down, 1 to go until I get a new piece of paper to frame and hang on my wall.

I’m very close to being finished with all my requirements. The last big thing would be my senior recital for which I still have to write a couple pieces and finish up another. Here is what I’ve got for that:

  • a sonata for Marimba and Clarinet
  • a folksong for Violin and Santoor
  • a piano trio
  • 2 pieces for voice and piano
  • 2 fake sea shanties
  • a men’s choral piece

I know this doesn’t look like a lot, but it adds up to almost an hour. I still have to write the last third of the piano trio, and start/finish the second vocal piece and the second shanty. Overall I’m encouraged that I’m close to the end and I can do it! Especially since spring break is next week. That should allow me to at least get something written. Right? RIGHT!?

Another great thing that’s happening is the upcoming PSU composition competition of which I am one of three finalists. The competition takes place at PSU’s music dept. on March 31st.

So that’s what going on in my world currently. As I learn more, you’ll learn more.

Have a nice day.


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