My Newest Composition

Hi everyone. Last night marked the finale of the PSU 2010 Composition Competition. All three pieces in contention were played well. Patrick Csak was chosen as the winner this year.

Despite not being chosen as the winner, I was very proud at the quality of the ensemble after only four rehearsals. If you would like to hear the recording, go here, where I have put up the mp3 and a PDF that you can follow along with.

Too bad I can’t have the piece played on my recital. That would save me an extra five minutes of writing. Hah.

Also, in light of it being April fools day, NPR ran a spot about classical music that included jokes. If you’d like to hear it, check it out here, and click on the “listen to this story” link.


5 responses to “My Newest Composition

  1. That’s really a great little piece you’ve got there Reed. You should be proud. Having listened to it a couple times, I’m wondering – are you familiar with Michael Kamen’s score to The Adventures of Baron Muchausen? There are a lot of stylistic similarities.

    If you haven’t heard it, you should check it out – if you can find it (good luck). It’s one of his best efforts and it would gel quite nicely with what you’ve done here!

    Good job, my man, good job indeed!


    • Wow. Thank you.

      This piece was very fun to write, and most of it spilled out quite nicely over the Christmas holiday. I’m very happy with it.

      I do have Kamen’s Munchausen score, although I haven’t listened to it in awhile. As I write this, guess what’s playing?

      It’s so quirky… I love it.


  2. I liked the changes of character in your piece, and the smooth transitions between them. The orchestration at D is reeeeeeeeeeeally good.

    So, why can’t you have it played during your recital?


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