Not much school left

7 1/2 weeks left of school. That’s a little scary.

Things are starting to fall in place, however, so that’s a good thing. Although, my composition professor suggested I write two more songs than what I had originally planned for.

So what do I have left? 2 songs, and I have to find a men’s choir to sing one of my pieces.

Here is the playlist in no particular order:

  • Clarinet and Marimba Sonata — 15′
  • Piano Trio — 10′
  • Men’s Choral Piece — 3′
  • Vocal piece for Mezzo and Piano — 5′
  • Violin and Santur Folksong — 5′
  • Shanty for Bluegrass band and baritone– 5′
  • Shanty for Mandolin, Fiddle, and 2 Baritones — 5′
  • 2nd Vocal Piece — 5′ ??
  • Shanty Intelude — 3′ ??

So there you have it. An hour’s worth of music. The trickiest thing will be rehearsing the bluegrass band (I think). I heard the first rehearsal of the piano trio, and was really impressed. They’re going to rock it for sure.

What will I be doing? You mean, besides having written all of this? Well, I’ll be playing rhythm guitar and singing for the Bluegrass Shanty, and I’ll be playing Mandolin for the 2nd shanty.

Also, a poster is in the works, so watch out for that. June 3rd at the Old Church. Get your plane tickets now…


One response to “Not much school left

  1. That looks like a great program, I look forward to experiencing it. šŸ™‚


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