Another week closer, Maelstrom on Amazon

Only one piece left to write for my senior recital. It’s the second vocal solo (with piano) piece. I’m still not entirely convinced that I want to put this on the show… but, we’ll see.

As we go into May, the rehearsal schedule will be in full force. Very stressful, but a necessary evil for the goodness that should be my recital.

Another awesome bit of info regarding the Maelstrom – The Zombie Opera Soundtrack… it’s made its appearance on Go here to check it out. For some reason the price of the album is 8.99, so if you plan on purchasing, or recommending to someone else for purchase, direct them/yourself to the Maelstrom CDBaby page. It’s a dollar cheaper there.

So until next time… I’ll be busy with recital stuff.


2 responses to “Another week closer, Maelstrom on Amazon

  1. Awesome! I’m so proud to have been a part of it. I still get the music stuck in my head at random times. We need to work on a revival. 🙂


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