Curtain Call to arms

Alright. Not really to arms. But, Curtain Call (17 episode murder-mystery web series) does need your help. Michael Stromenger (director, writer) has started a “kickstarter” project to try and get some financial backing for the project.

Kickstarter is an online program for people to make donations (small through large). The goal in this case is $2500. If you could help out, that would be spectacular. There aren’t many days left to reach the goal, and we aren’t that far away from it. If the goal isn’t reached, you won’t be charged your donation. If it is reached, you won’t be charged until June 11th.

here is Mike’s video on facebook

and here is the kickstarter page.

In other news, I got an email from PSU telling me that I will be graduating summa cum laude. Is that good?


4 responses to “Curtain Call to arms

  1. I approve of this message. 🙂


  2. Summa cum laude. Yeah. That’s pretty good. In fact, I think that’s Latin for “Hey, that’s awesome” as opposed to Magna cum laude which I believe can be translated to “Holy Shit! That’s frakking fantastic!”


  3. Oops. Looks like I got that one backwards. I could never keep them straight. Either way, congratulations!


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