A Slow Day

Not much going on right now (besides my current day job).

Waiting for Mike S. to finish filming Curtain Call so that we can start chatting about the score.

Just got the score for Iron Man 2 (Amazon.com, iTunes). It’s okay, but I’m still really obsessed with the score for Inception(Amazon.com (cheaper than iTunes for this one!)). I’m also excited about the score for Predators, which doesn’t get released until next month, or this next week at ComicCon (if you’re one of the lucky few), oh yeah, and the Batman Special Edition 2-disk set (La La Land Records).

Also, Matthew has begun the hunt for an apartment for us in Seattle. Exciting stuff!

Not too much else, so I’ll leave you with this picture:

It was brought to my attention by my wife on Facebook, and is from The Telegraph.

Also, I’d like to see some new blog posts (I’m looking at Herr, Mikey, Stromenger, Matthew), because I’m sick of twitter feeds and I want some actual meat to the information I’m taking in.

3 responses to “A Slow Day

  1. I’m working on it, I’m working on it!


  2. And, holy crap! I’ve set a reminder on the calendar on my phone to order Batman and Krull on the 27th.


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