1 month left

until I return to the PNW. I’m very excited for this, because it’s been a while. The downside is that I’ll only have a few days before I move.

“Where am I moving,” you ask, to which I would respond, “haven’t you been reading my blog religiously?”

And then you would say sheepishly, “sorry, but I’ve got better things to do.”

With a look of flabergasted surprise, I exclaim, “wow, and here I thought we were friends!”

To which you reply, “those who assume…”

Yes, yes. Well, I’m enrolled in a year long film scoring certification program, which is located in Seattle… well, more specifically on Mercer Island. And if everything works out, Matthew (my future roomate/current friend) found us an apartment right on the island. w00t!

So because I’ve never been east of I5 in Seattle, I’ve been doing some research, and here are a couple pictures:


6 responses to “1 month left

  1. Isn’t it gorgeous?!


  2. you guys are going to be the best college roommates ever. i can just see you making ramen at 2 am with half scribbled staff paper askew and computers abuzz with crazy music software.


  3. congrats reed and matthew, i’d love to come up and visit you guys sometime up there!


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