The future, in short

Now that the Film scoring program that I was going to attend has been cancelled, I’ve found something to do in the meantime.

I’m going to work on the railroad a bit longer (to save up some more dinero for future endeavours), but I’m also going to write a freaking novel. I know, I know. I’m not really a writer, but I’ll have help.

My friend Ben and I are going to get busy writing a small epic, based in a steampunk world. I know, right? Steampunk is awesome!

Anyways, Ben recently brought to my attention NaNoWriMo, more specifically, National Novel Writing Month. The premise is that during the month of November, the challenge is to write (minimum) 50,000 words.

I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is “of course I’ll have time to do both the writing challenge, and compose a film score for Mike Stromenger’s Curtain Call, and work as a manager for a railroad office full time.

Anyways, more than any of these things, I am super excited to get back home to my wife, which is only less than a week from now.


3 responses to “The future, in short

  1. How will you have time to write a novel when you’ll be busy playing full time for the (soon-to-be) famous Chicago intramural soccer team “Les Bleus Balls?”


    • Have no fear my friend. I have always been known for my ability to multitask (especially when it involves blue balls). Damn that sounds nasty, and is completely untrue. I’ve never been good at multitasking… but I’ll find a way!!!


    • I’m not going to even comment on my husbands multi-task ability with balls, but…can I be an official “Blue Balls” groupie? šŸ˜‰ Can’t wait to visit you all in Chicago!


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