Aliens of the space variety

I’ve always been a sucker for movies that are set in space, or have an element of space or spacey things in them. Having said that, it’s probably no surprise to you that I really love sci-fi movies.

Some of my favorites are The Fifth Element, District 9, Sunshine, Star Wars, Event Horizon, Independence Day, Avatar, WALL-E, Star Trek, Moon, Pitch Black, Deep Impact, Apollo 13, Contact, Aliens, Serenity, Firefly (I know this isn’t a movie… but it’s pretty damn brilliant!), etc…

You can see from this list that some of these would never make a “best of” list in a lot of people’s opinions. However, despite the negative points, I like these things because there are space based things… or aliens.

So with that, I finally watched the trailer for Battle: Los Angeles.  It looks pretty awesome, and it has one of my current favorite actors Aaron Eckhart. It also has Michelle Rodriguez, and Bridget Moynahan. With a $100 million budget and a director hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa (Jonathan Liebesman), I have high hopes for this movie. I’m not expecting District 9, but I hope at least it’ll be better than a Roland Emmerich alien invasion film circa 2010.

Another film that is out right now is Skyline, which looks like it’d be right up my alley, but I’ve decided to hold off until it hits Netflix based on  Ain’t It Cool News’ reviews.

One funny thing I found out while looking up info on B:LA was that Sony contemplated suing the Strause brothers over Skyline based on the fact that they may have used some of Sony’s resources while working on B:LA to finish their own film.

With this knowledge, is there an alien or space film you recommend I see?


One response to “Aliens of the space variety

  1. What?! “Splice” isn’t on your favorite list of alien movies?? 🙂


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