Writing of a different variety

So Ben L. and I participated in this years National Novel Writing Month, and I thought I’d share that we completed the challenge!

Without going into detail about the different ways in which we broke rules (you’re not supposed to write with a partner, etc…) we probably spent between 20-25 days total on the project.

You may ask “Were all of those days in November?”

My question to you is… can I include the parallel universes that are on different calanders?

Anyways, we did it. We collated all of our words last night and came up with a little over 51,000. The neat thing about that is… we still have about a third of our story left to write (I never thought I’d write that much… ever.)

You may wonder when you get to read it. Well, let us finish it first… and then let us edit it as well. How long do those things take? I dunno, I’ve never done this before.

The tentative title of our book: Meta Pneuma – The Search for the Necronomicon

It’s totally steampunk!


One response to “Writing of a different variety

  1. Laura Hinschberger

    Awesome! Looking forward to it. Let me know if you need help editing!


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