Winter NAMM show 2011

My friend and studio partner Ben L. and I made the trek down to Anaheim, CA for the winter NAMM show, and i have to say that it was a blast!

We saw many cool things, but were absolutely blown away by Electro Harmonix’s pedal: V256. Seriously… there was a tiny woman demoing the pedal, and when she activated it, she went from sounding like a small woman to a 6’7″ tough guy. There were other effects on the pedal that have put it high up on my list of “things I want for the studio.”

I also got to play around with the Moog guitar, and I love it. The infinite sustain (perpetuated by internal magnets) make this a very special guitar. Although it is also on the list, it’ll most likely remain there for a while as it is pretty expensive. I also got to play with the Minimoog Voyager. So awesome! I need to start selling some blood because this thing comes in at $4995… but worth it… right? Yes!

Out of everything at the show, the thing that I ordered right away was the Logic Pro cover from KB Covers. It is a plastic cover for your computer keyboard that has all of the shortcuts and macros for the Pro Audio software Logic, or many others. If you are interested in one of these, they have a show discount for 20% off through 1/23. Promo Code: CES2011

While we were down in Anaheim we popped on over to Disney Land and California Adventure (don’t worry… I didn’t go on more than a couple rides because of my back). Here you can see Ben and I blasting some “astros”. I wasn’t very good.


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