Aguilera and the National Anthem

I missed the performance of the national anthem prior to the super bowl today, but when I started seeing facebook posts about how Christina messed up the words, it didn’t take long before I was all caught up. In case you missed it:

First of all I should preface the following by writing that this is my opinion. Also, I do appreciate popular music and certain trends in the genre.

Upon watching the video it wasn’t too hard to figure out that she had messed up some of the lyrics. You know what? That kind of stuff happens a lot, and I didn’t care that much because she was professional enough to maintain and continue.

However, I felt the performance was not very good. I understand that many people really like Aguilera’s work and her performance style, and that’s okay. But I feel that they way she applied it to the national anthem was pretty indulgent.

I don’t know how you feel, but when I’m at a sporting event, I like to sing along with our national anthem. I feel like it bonds the people in the community (bleachers/stands) and it makes me feel just a little patriotic. And when compared with some other countries, sometimes I feel like we don’t sing it together enough.

When Aguilera sang it, there would have been no way I could sing along because of all the runs, and trills and pop techniques she applied. It felt like a disservice to the meaning of the song, and more of a testament to how many more notes she could sing in one breath.

It’s my humble opinion that when it comes to the national anthem, simpler is better.


4 responses to “Aguilera and the National Anthem

  1. Well said


  2. Most people don’t realize that our national anthem was originally a British drinking song, and has one of the more difficult melodies to perform in singing repertoire, period. I think that making it unnecessarily complicated is silly.


  3. We’ve come a long way since Stravinsky was threatened with a fine for “tampering” with the National Anthem when he did his own reharmonization/orchestration to celebrate his becoming an American citizen. I hope I’m remembering that right. (He was never – as the legend goes – arrested for it.)


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