Updates all around

Remember how I had a hurt back?

Well, it turns out that I had a herniated disc. So this Wednesday, I’ll be going under the knife to have the herniation and some parts of spine bone removed.

So if you have the time on Wednesday, send some good vibes my way.

Thank you in advance.

In other news,, in the coming weeks, I’ll be transitioning the blog to a new URL. You don’t have to worry quite yet because I’ll be forwarding the current URL to the new one, but I’m not sure as to how it’ll effect your RSS feeds (if that’s how you read this), because you’ll have to subscribe to the new feed.

The new blog will be at reedreimer.com/blog and I’ll be tinkering with the layout. So please don’t get too freaked out (the three of you that read this).

Also, any feedback on this stuff is welcome. Do you hate the new blog? Did you get upset because I changed your RSS Feed? Do you hate me in general?

Anyways… much love!


One response to “Updates all around

  1. Best of luck brother! Drop me a line when you are feeling up to it.


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