A Song you can't get out of your head

At least, that’s what I think will happen once your hear this song.

Michael Stromenger’s forthcoming murder-mystery web series Curtain Call, includes music and score written by Ben Larson and myself.

The first release from this project is the single from the pilot episode titled “Cassie’s Song”. The quote that Ben wrote up for CDBaby:

Haley Boyd sings a powerful rock ballad from the pilot episode of the web-series Curtain Call. Boyd plays the part of Cassie Sterling, a stage singer who is mysteriously gunned down in the middle of a performance. From the creators of Maelstrom – The Zombie Opera comes a blend of moody piano stylings, sweeping filmscore strings, a pinch of broadway panache, and the irresistible drive of rock guitars.

This will be the first pop song that I’ve released for public consumption, and I must say, I’m very proud of the job we’ve done. The tune is really catchy, and the music pretty much just rocks (I’m not usually so conceited, but I feel good about this song!) I know for a fact that there’s been many times where my wife gets a little crazy because she gets the tune stuck in her head.

So now that we’ve written and finally released this song, it’s now up to you to consume and comment. If you feel okay with parting from one of your hard earned dollars, then head on over to cdbaby, iTunes, or Amazon to purchase this single. If you end up liking it, I would appreciate you leaving feedback on whatever site you bought it from.

This was also the first thing that we worked on, with Ben setting the lyrics that Mike wrote. After the initial song was done being written, I went back through and orchestrated it, and also, added the drums and guitar. The whole song project was done in Logic Studio.

The show is set for release on March 9th, so stay tuned for even more music!


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