My Super Secret Project (UPDATE)

(UPDATE) Here is the link to the Youtube post of the trailer.

Last week Ben and I got a job to replace temp music on an upcoming trailer for a film called High Road. The film is currently in post production. Here is the blurb on the production company’s Projects page:

High Road, by Matt Walsh, boasts such comedians on the project as Horatio Sanz, Rob Riggle, Abby Elliott, Lizzy Caplan, Kyle Gass, and Zach Woods. Matt Walsh calls the film a “stoner comedy,” but with the incredible cast of comedians, who actually IMPROVISE the script, Northern Lights sees this “stoner comedy” as having more than the average niche film! A release date is planned for early 2011.

The film was directed by Matt Walsh (who was a member of Upright Citizen’s Brigade. He also had roles in The Hangover, Due Date, and other things. Check out his IMDB page.)

The trailer is what the production company, Northern Lights Films, is using to find distributors. If they release it publicly, you can bet your sweet ass I will post it… or at least link to it.

The trailer was fun and challenging for us because it involved creating music that was similar to the temp music, but in genres that we weren’t necessarily familiar with.

So hopefully, more to come very soon!


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