The New Duet from Apogee

Yesterday I saw news that Apogee released a new audio interface called the Duet 2. Similar in design to the original Duet, this one has been redesigned, basically, from the ground up. It has the same knob, and a similar shaped box, but that’s about where the similarities end.

With whole new pre-amps and an OLED screen, more outs and touch sensitive buttons… this is the interface to have. Winning most head to head competitions against other competitors, the only thing holding this back from entry-level consumers is the price tag. $595. The only thing holding me back is the computer connectivity.

The Duet 2 uses USB 2.0 (I don’t know why they didn’t use 3.0) which touts lower latency and a higher and faster throughput than FireWire 400. This is a good thing, but as someone who is completely content with the first Duet, I can’t see upgrading until Apogee updates using the newer Thunderbolt (Intel LightPeak) technology that is currently still arriving to market.

But if you are looking for a top-of-the-line audio interface, you should check this one out for sure!

Thuderbolt will come… and I’ll be ready with saliva running down my chin and greenbacks in my hand. And you never know… coffee could spill on my Duet at any time.



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