Curtain Call Midway Point – almost

Episode 8 of Stromenger’s Curtain Call was released today. Go and check it out here. If you haven’t seen any of them yet, go here and start with episode 1. All creators would welcome and enjoy any comments you may have.

So now we’re basically at the midpoint of the series. with 9 episodes left to be released, we’ve got a decent look at most of the suspects now.

Today, I felt like looking at a couple of the current stats for the show.

According to Stromenger, the series website has received 3,500 hits. Also, there has been over 2,700 individual episode views. Not bad.

As for Ben and myself, we have written music for all those episodes. We have also finished music for episodes 9, 10, and 13. When we combine all of that music together, we have composed over 60 minutes of music for the series so far.

To celebrate the (almost) midway point, I thought I’d share a cue from episode 8 with you. It is from the beginning of the episode, and so far the only cue that makes use of a quartet of strings.


This cue was to underscore the detective’s trip inward, working through some of the information he has in his mind. The direction for the cue was to represent anxiety and surrealism. So do you think it worked, or not?

Also, tune in and check out the awesome little montage scene and cue at the end of the episode!


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