Episode 9 – behind the curtain of the music

Left: Michael Stromenger (director), Steven Molony (Patrick)

Todays Curtain Call release is the midpoint of the series. There were eight episodes before this one, and there will be eight more to come.

Right now, Ben and I are pretty much at a point where we can breath now. When the series began, we only had 3-4 days to compose the music based on how quickly the editor was able to finish and get us the material. Since then, we’ve had an opportunity (to catch up). Stromenger and the other editors have been busy getting more done in a quicker time allowing Ben and I to get ahead.

So now, we’ve also finished episodes 10, 11, 13, 14, and part of 15. On our end, we only have 3 and a half episodes left to go before our contribution to this project ends.

I wanted to take this post and talk a little bit about what we use to do our job. You may or may not know it… but there is no budget for music. One of the major drawbacks to this is not having the ability to hire musicians to perform the music. I can guarantee you that if Ben and I were able to play the instruments we use, we’d be recording ourselves. As it is, we do record live Piano, Guitar, and some drums/percussion.

For the instruments that we do not play, we are lucky enough to have some great samples in our library. One major company’s products we use is East West. This is where a bulk of our orchestral samples and ethnic sounds comes from. For many other things we use Native Instruments synth instruments, or synths and samples that came with our DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

Our DAW of choice is Logic Studio, Apple’s proprietary DAW.

Another piece of software we used for “Cassie’s Song” was Melodyne, which is a pro level tuning program. This software is pretty brilliant! Not only does it fix tuning on notes, but you can manipulate vibrato, timing and many other things that seem like magic!

Here is a cue from episode nine where we were able to use an actual acoustic instrument… I know, right? First time being recorded, it’s my baby, my Taylor classical acoustic guitar, combined with some French horn samples:


So now that we have officially reached the halfway point… do you have a favorite cue? Of have you been too busy trying to figure out who did it to give much thought to the music?


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