…and the Oscar goes to…

You all know that the nominations for the Oscars were released this morning. Here is the list for best original score:

  • “Avatar” – James Horner
  • “Fantastic Mr. Fox” – Alexandre Desplat
  • “The Hurt Locker” – Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders
  • “Sherlock Holmes” – Hans Zimmer
  • “Up” – Michael Giacchino

This list didn’t really surprise me, I mean, this is the same Academy that actually awarded Santaolalla two years in a row. I was a little surprised by the appearance of Sherlock Holmes (maybe its a makeup nomination for giving him and JNH the shaft for Dark Knight).

The only movie on this list I haven’t seen is Fantastic Mr. Fox, also, I hadn’t heard this either, but I had to since it was on this list. After listening to it, I like it. It’s a bluegrass and classical instrument infusion… a little Giacchinoish.

Speaking of Giacchino, he seems to be the shoe-in because of Up’s popularity, and the awards it has already garnered.

Avatar may play spoiler with its current explosion of exposure.

And as for the Hurt Locker, to me, the music on this score seems to be stereotypical Oscar fodder.

So here are my picks. Keep in mind that although I like Up, I prefer Giacchino’s scores to both Star Trek and Land of the Lost (which funnily enough is up for a razzies award). Because of this:

  1. Sherlock Holmes
  2. Up
  3. Fantastic Mr. Fox
  4. Avatar
  5. The Hurt Locker

And here are the scores I think deserve noms:

  • Astroboy – John Ottman
  • Knowing – Marco Beltrami
  • Moon – Clint Mansell
  • Star Trek – Michael Giacchino

This list would put Sherlock Holmes in 4th place right before Moon.

Other honerable mentions for nom consideration:

  • Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince – Nicholas Hooper
  • Terminator Salvation – Danny Elfman

So that’s my opinion. What’s yours?


6 responses to “…and the Oscar goes to…

  1. Loved Moon’s score (and everything else about the film…boo that it got shut out). And I really like Star Trek’s score, but never thought of it as an Oscar-type work. I wouldn’t mind seeing either Zimmer or Giacchino win their first Oscar.


  2. Zimmer has one for The Lion King. But yeah. Giacchino has really been churning out stuff that I love… so I agree.


  3. Ah, Lion King. Damn you, Simba.


  4. Zimmer didn’t really win for The Lion King. He just rode Sir Elton’s songwriting coattails.

    I think your winner is Up though you shouldn’t discount the possibility of James Horner riding in on his Toruk and stealing it, either. The last time he won, the best score of that year – L.A. Confidential – didn’t win, either, and Avatar is without a doubt his best big score in years (though Troy is not without its moments).

    Let’s also not forget that, when it comes to music, the Academy does have a tendency to give pity Oscars. James Horner should have won for Bravehart but, no, Il frakking Postino wins instead. Two years later he rides Titanic all the way to Oscar gold. If that’s the case, then Alexander Desplat could win, too, because I’m sure his Benjamin Button score was superior to Slumdog.

    Confused yet? Me, too. I’m going to bed.


  5. I would be fine with Desplat winning. I’m currently in love with his score for Largo Winch. And I haven’t yet given Fantastic Mr. Fox the time it deserves (especially since it’s been nominated).

    And to be honest… Avatar is growing on me a little bit more everyday.


  6. Yeah, Avatar has been growing on me. I keep finding myself surprised that I continue to grab the disc off the shelf.


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